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The Saskatchewan/Manitoba project has successfully launched The Living by Water Project this summer and fall! The Saskatchewan and Manitoba team have been busy adapting the BC products for the prairie region. The Ribbon of Life Quiz & Activity Sheet, the Waterfront Living brochure, the Shoreline Celebration & Restoration Month brochure and the Shoreline Conservation Pledge form are now available in the prairies. During 2001, we will be completing Saskatchewan / Manitoba versions of the Homesite Assessment Manual, Workshop-in-a-Box, and "On the Living Edge - A Handbook for the Waterfront Resident". We are looking forward to beginning another season of Shoreline Celebration events and activities!

Shoreline Talk

The Saskatchewan / Manitoba issue of Shoreline Talk keeps you up to date on all Living by Water activities. If you or your organization would like to contribute or be on the receiving list, please contact us!

Check out the October 2000 issue of Shoreline Talk for SK/MB

Pilot Projects

This July, The Living by Water Project piloted the Shoreline Ambassador Program and the Homesite Assessment Program.

Girl Guides at the International Camp Tapestry 2000 at Fort Qu’Appelle, SK participated in a shoreline cleanup which sparked a letter writing campaign to companies whose garbage was found along the water’s edge. Each girl received a Shoreline Ambassador certificate for their efforts of restoring a shoreline.

Big Shell Lake Watershed Stewardship Association (BSLWSA)

BSLWSA partnered with The Living by Water Project to pilot the Shoreline Ambassador and Homesite Assessment Program to the residents of Big Shell Lake. In July, the residents were mailed a information kit with a Shoreline Conservation Pledge form. This was followed by a weekend workshop with an open house, a presentation by The Living by Water Project’s co-founder Clive Callaway, and a potluck supper. Over the weekend, Clive performed six homesite assessments on waterfront properties in the resort villages of Big Shell and Echo Bay.

For more information contact Doug Wilson, BSLWSA president

e-mail: [email protected] website http://bslwsa.icomm.ca

Kelsey Conservation District

The Living by Water Project partnered with the Kelsey Conservation District this fall to pilot the Shoreline Ambassador Program to the residents of Rocky Lake and Lake Athapapuskow. The residents who made a Shoreline Conservation Pledge in these northern communities were the first Shoreline Ambassadors in Manitoba!

Upcoming Events

Saskatchewan / Manitoba versions of ‘On the Living Edge - A Handbook for the Waterfront Resident’, the Homesite Assessment Program and the Workshop-in-a-Box Program are currently being adapted from B.C. editions. Look for these invaluable products and programs to be released in 2001!

Snow blankets the ground and cottages are closed for the winter but... we all look forward to the next summer season. Plan to get your resort community or cottage association involved in The Living by Water Project for spring / summer 2001! Youth and interpretive programs, day camps, stewardship groups and even businesses can enjoy the benefits of the products and services offered by The Living by Water Project!

Let the year 2001 be a year of celebration, restoration and dedication to the Ribbons of Life!



The Living by Water Saskatchewan / Manitoba team would like to thank their supporters:

  • Canada Millennium Partnership Program
  • Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation (local chapters)
  • ecoAction 2000, Environment Canada
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Manitoba Conservation
  • McConnell Foundation
  • Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management
  • Shell Environmental Fund




The Living by Water Project SK/MB

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Phone: 306 780-9834 or 1-800-667-4668 (SK only)
Fax: 306 780-9263
E-Mail: [email protected]


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