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Information and FAQ's

If you're looking for information about the ins and outs of shoreline living, protecting your property, and the role played by healthy shorelines this is the place!

Discover why healthy shorelines are so important. Learn more about what shorelines are and why they're very special places...for people, plants and wildlife.

Check out our selection of FAQ's by choosing from the many topics available through the menu on your left.

If you live by water, you'll find information to help you protect your shoreline, improve its health, safeguard the value of your property - and protect water quality. You'll also find the FAQs to be a wonderful complement to your copy of On the Living Edge: Your Handbook for Waterfront Living (publications). (Note that publication dates on regional versions vary across the country.)

Have you a question that's not on the list? E-mail us with your question, and we'll be happy to help you!

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