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Living by Water Project Publications
This list highlights several Living by Water Project publications. Our order form provides a complete listing of pamphlets, brochures, information sheets and other materials. Contact us to obtain this

  • On the Living Edge: Your Handbook for Waterfront Living . Written by and for waterfront residents, this user-friendly handbook provides the practical information you need to enjoy and protect your natural surroundings and investments. Table of Contents

  • Shoreline Event and Activity Manual. This manual is full of ideas for exciting events and activities, with case study examples. It includes tools and tips for planning your own shoreline event or activity. Check out the Table of Contents.

  • Shoreline Ambassador Manual. Everyone anywhere can have an impact on our shorelines. This manual shows how your group can use the Shoreline Ambassador Program to raise awareness and inspire action in your community. It provides examples of how you can use Living by Water Project resources to reward people who take action - or commit to do so - to keep shorelines healthy. Take a peek at the Table of Contents.

  • Homesite Assessment Program Manual. This guides you in carrying out a homesite visit program for waterfront residents. The manual gives you tips on such elements as promoting the program, hiring assessors, and communicating with your clients. Have a look through the Table of Contents.

  • Workshop-in-a-Box Manual. This will help you plan and facilitate hands-on Living by Water workshops for waterfront residents in your community. The manual includes tips on promoting your workshop, planning its contents, choosing a venue, and hosting the workshop. Take a quick look at the Table of Contents.

  • We support you in strengthening your group's capacity to deliver services; our paper on Conservation Marketing Tools and Techniques explains our approach..

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