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The Shoreline Action Challenge Program

All of us can play a role in helping protect, conserve or restore shorelines – and all of us benefit from the results of these efforts – healthy shorelines. Healthy shorelines help protect water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and provide wonderful spaces for our relaxation and enjoyment!

The Living by Water Project invites you to join with other Canadians, accept the Shoreline Action Challenge and complete one of our two Shoreline Action Checklists to help protect and restore shorelines. Choose from the shoreline resident or shoreline visitor checklist. You’ll receive a Shoreline Ambassador certificate in recognition of your efforts. Your actions do make a difference!

The checklists contain easy actions that you can carry out to help care for shorelines – in your home, along the shoreline, and on the water. Let us know what you are already doing and what things you’ll try by simply checking the "I’m doing" or "I will" box next to the appropriate action on the Shoreline Action Checklist.

To submit your shoreline resident action checklist click here
To submit your shoreline visitor action checklist click here

The goal of the challenge is for 200,000 Canadians to become Shoreline Ambassadors and to protect and restore 3000 km of shoreline by 2005. To find out how we’re doing click here.

We invite you to challenge your community group, friends, neighbours and colleagues to follow your lead and make a similar commitment to improving water quality!

If your group is interested in water quality and a healthy shoreline environment, the Shoreline Action Challenge Program will help complement your current initiatives. When you combine it with the Shoreline Ambassador Program you will have an effective tool to help identify and reward shoreline-friendly actions.

Some of the ways you can use the Shoreline Action Challenge to benefit your group's objectives:
  • You can link the checklists to a specific project your group is carrying out, and use them to raise awareness about your project.
  • Consider publishing the results in your community newsletter or newspaper. This is a great way to gain media exposure. Feedback builds motivation by showing people that they are making a difference and encourages others to participate.
  • Use the checklist as an educational tool for explaining the benefits of healthy shorelines. People are more apt to support shoreline protection (and complete the checklist) if they understand how they benefit.
  • You can provide checklists to people as part of a one on one outreach program, include them in mailings, or insert them into your group's newsletter.
By asking people to make a commitment in writing to live in a shoreline-friendly way, we can turn words into positive actions, and help Canada's shorelines thrive.

You and your group will be part of a Canada wide effort to reach a target of protecting, conserving or restoring over 3,000 km of Canada's shorelines!

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