If you visit shorelines from time to time, let us know what you are doing to help maintain water quality and keep shorelines healthy! Submit this form and receive a Shoreline Ambassador Certificate in recognition of your efforts.
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As a shoreline visitor, I can help keep our water safe for drinking, swimming, fishing, and for wildlife. I
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a Enjoy the natural beauty of shorelines when I visit them
b Clean up garbage from the shoreline, leaving natural and woody debris (eg. driftwood, fallen trees)
c Keep my pets away from shorelines and streamsides
d Work with a community group to protect or restore native vegetation along a local shoreline
e Learn more about the importance of shorelines
f Share with others the value and importance of healthy shorelines
g Be shoreline-friendly when I visit or vacation along shorelines (download Green Guest)
h Use phosphate free soaps and shampoos
i Wash my clothes, and shower away from the waterís edge
j Use oil absorbing bilge cloths for my boat, instead of bilge cleaners
k Practise safe refueling
l Use a 2 or 4 stroke boat motor that meets EPA 2006 guidelines
m Maintain my boat motor and have it inspected regularly
n Reduce my wake by slowing down to 5 km / hr within 160 m (500 ft) from shore
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