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Whether you're a shoreline resident, someone who is interested in learning more about healthy shorelines, a member of a group which has a link to shorelines, or a youth leader looking for materials - here you will find information on the many resources available to help you.

Use the menu on your left to access the various Living by Water programs, initiatives and services. Be sure to explore the Shoreline Resources Database! There you will find information on a wealth of Canadian and international publications, programs, promotional materials, web links and contacts. Our database is constantly being updated so be sure to visit regularly. Use the Search function if you are looking for something specific.

To find out more about resources available through The Living by Water Project - read on...

The Living by Water Project is working for you!

For shoreline residents, we offer a number of programs, products and services to help you protect your shoreline, improve its health, safeguard the value of your property - and protect water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat.

For general audiences - including those of you who visit shorelines - we focus upon raising awareness about the importance of healthy shorelines. We take a special interest in young people and are developing resources for youth leaders.

For groups, we offer programs and products to help you work with people in your community. We also provide products, services and training to support your own programs and outreach initiatives.

Programs and Initiatives

Programs and Initiatives

In association with groups across the country, The Living by Water Project works to provide services to help you.

A home visit by a trained assessor provides you with customized information to help you safeguard your property value, and maximize what you can do to protect water quality, in the privacy of your own residence. You can book a home visit online by filling out our Homesite Assessment request form accessed through the menu bar to your left. In BC, the Living by Water Loan Program provides loans with an interest reduction for shoreline restoration work undertaken as a result of recommendations made by a homesite assessor. This innovative program is still in its pilot stage. Financial institutions in other communities may be interested in a similar program. Evaluative results will be posted once the program has been piloted sufficiently.

Our workshops for shoreline residents are tips-oriented and hands-on. If you are interested in bringing one to your area, link up with a local group - or host one yourself! Check out our News and Events section to find out about upcoming workshops in your area. Contact us to find out about groups and agencies working in your area, or to get in touch with your regional Living by Water Project office.

We believe that anyone who helps protect or restore a shoreline deserves some recognition! Become a Shoreline Ambassador by letting us know what you're doing, or planning to do, to help care for your shorelines. Join our Shoreline Action Challenge and fill out one of our handy checklists or write a commitment in your own words.



We provide a range of publications for general audiences, shoreline residents, and groups. Several items are suitable for children and youth. A full listing of available Living by Water Project materials is provided in our order form (publications). E-mail, fax or mail your order form to your nearest Living by Water Project regional office. Contact Us for more information. Online ordering will be available in the future.

Our general audience materials describe the importance of healthy shorelines. The visitor's Shoreline Action Checklist (found under the LbyW Services menu tab above) shows what anyone who visits a shoreline can do to help protect and restore them.

Our publications range from brochures and a resident's Shoreline Action Checklist, to our complete "how to" guide for shoreline residents, On the Living Edge: Your Handbook for Waterfront Living (publications). We make sure our publications are full of useful tips and show how you benefit when you're shoreline-friendly.

Check out the Resources menu tabs to explore the beginning of a comprehensive list of resources on shoreline related issues. We invite you to help us in assembling these materials! If you are aware of any documents that aren't on the list, and you'd like to see them there, please send us an e-mail containing the title and a brief description (including author, date and publisher, if possible). If you would like to provide direct access to the document from our website, you can include a web link or attach an electronic copy of the document itself.

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