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30+ Ways to Celebrate Shorelines!

Welcome to our News and Events database!

Here you'll find news on events and activities focussed on freshwater and marine shorelines. As we continue to build this data base, you'll find exciting and useful information related to:

  • protection

  • conservation

  • restoration

  • enhancement

  • clean-up

  • education

  • hands-on learning

  • celebration

Search for news and events happening in your region and across the country by selecting the news or event menu tab on your left.

Shoreline Talk, our regional newsletter, highlights news and upcoming events and activities each month. If you want to become an e-mail subscriber, click here and indicate which regional version you would like to receive. Keep your eyes open for future online services to help keep you informed!

Have a story?


If you have a story or news snapshot you would like to share with us, send us an e-mail and we'll let you know when we've posted it to the site.

30+ Ways to Celebrate Shorelines!


Here are some fun ideas for different ways you can celebrate our connection to Canada's shorelines. Get together with a community group, a local stewardship or conservation group, or your family and friends to plan an event or activity!

  1. Plan an activity or event linking upstream and downstream communities.
  2. Hold a Ribbon Joining Ceremony between:

  3. - communities within a watershed
    - provinces and territories
    - Canada and the US
  4. Host a native storytelling evening with dancing and drumming - discover what your local shoreline means to your First Nations neighbours.
  5. Ask an "oldtimer" - get seniors in your community to participate in a storytelling event.
  6. Put on a festival celebrating shorelines.
  7. Bring a shoreline theme into your local fall fair.
  8. Organize a parade or procession.
  9. Hold a costume making party - create a cast of shoreline characters.
  10. Put on a community play with a shoreline theme.
  11. Form a shoreline youth theatre group.
  12. Organize crafts workshops - make shoreline reed baskets, rubbed greeting cards etc.
  13. Sponsor an art exhibit.
  14. Build a floating art exhibit or sculpture.
  15. Host an information workshop about the shorelines within your watershed.
  16. Form a watershed stewardship group.
  17. Participate in a habitat restoration program .
  18. Restore a shoreline.
  19. Hold an underwater cleanup - involve your local scuba divers.
  20. Host a house and yard educational workshop - e.g. give tips on composting and making your own environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  21. Organize a plant salvage - rescue native plants from an area slated for development and replant them along a local shoreline. (Get permission and check plant suitability.)
  22. Coordinate or promote an adopt-a-shoreline program.
  23. Send out a shoreline report card - get kids to grade your local waterfront parks.
  24. Set up a shoreline viewing tank - work with a science centre or educational institution to introduce people to local water creatures (contact your local aquarium or science centre).
  25. Organize a shoreline discovery tour (contact your local naturalist club).
  26. Build a historical shoreline walk (contact your local museum or historical society).
  27. Plan an archaeological tour - visit the shorelines of the past with your local archaeological society or museum (contact your local archaeological society).
  28. Visit a shoreline industry - learn the importance of your shoreline to your community's economy.
  29. Hold a shoreline BBQ or Native pit cook.
  30. Organize a shoreline food workshop - identify and cook foods that come from our waters and shorelines.
  31. Organize or participate in a shoreline poster competition.
  32. Organize a shoreline poetry contest.
  33. Create an educational shoreline display - throw in a quiz and a prize to motivate people to have a look through your display!
  34. Test your local water quality.
  35. Perform a "Secchi Dip in" to test water clarity in a nearby lake (contact your local lake group or DFO office).
  36. Go pond dipping for insects - bring a microscope!
  37. Host a shoreline health and awareness conference or workshop (contact your local college or university).
  38. Launch the Shoreline Ambassador Program in your community.
  39. Make a commitment to caring for shorelines by participating in the Shoreline Action Challenge.

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