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The Homesite Assessment Program

For Shoreline Residents...

    If you live by a creek, river, lake, wetland or the ocean, a visit from a Living by Water trained Homesite Assessor can help you protect your shoreline property.
    Learn about:

  • preventing or dealing with shoreline erosion

  • maintaining a healthy septic system

  • restoring shorelines using native plants

  • shoreline-friendly tips for your house and yard

    How does the program work?
    A trained assessor will visit your home and provide customized tips and recommendations that will save you time and money while maintaining a healthy environment.

    During a personal 1½ to 2 hour visit, a Living by Water representative will identify simple tasks that will help maintain a healthy shoreline. Even the smallest home and yard changes can make a big difference along your waterfront and possibly save you money. You might also benefit from better water quality and an increase in property value.

    To request a shoreline home visit click here.

    If you have already participated in a Homesite Assessment and would like to review our customized recommendations click here.

    Want more information?
    Click Contact Us in the main menu to find the closest regional Living by Water Project office or group organizing homesite assessments.

For groups and agencies...

    Is your group or agency looking for innovative ways to encourage shoreline stewardship? We can help you provide a Homesite Assessment Program for shoreline residents!

    Shoreline residents want to “do it right”. Often, they are simply lacking the practical information needed to make the right decisions when developing or maintaining their property. The Homesite Assessment Program is here to help you meet that need. This action-oriented service is easy to implement, and is backed by our Living by Water support network. We are sure you’ll find that the program complements your other initiatives and will also help you stay in touch with the needs of shoreline residents in your community.

    How does the program work?

    The aim of the program is to help you help shoreline residents in your community maintain a healthy shoreline. Through our Homesite Assessor Training Program, your group’s staff or volunteers will be introduced to the tools they’ll need to become homesite assessors. Then with added confidence, they can visit shoreline residents and provide important tips and ideas on helping them protect their property and possibly save time and money in the process!

    The program can also help your profile in the community. For example, one group found that as a result of a Homesite Assessment program, local commitment to shoreline stewardship strengthened, and their membership and profile increased.

    Want more information?

    The Homesite Assessment Program Manual provides information on the program with detailed information on available products and services. It also outlines training needs to help you implement the program.

    The Living by Water Project will support your organization by providing tips and ideas on:
  • developing your program
  • finding sponsors
  • hiring and training assessors
  • partner development
  • templates to apply for funds to help you subsidize this service
  • conservation marketing assistance
  • assessor training workshops
  • training field guide (for each assessor)
  • on-going support through our website and discussion groups
  • supplementary resources including a Shoreline Resident Tool kit and the soon to be published On the Living Edge: Your Handbook to Waterfront Living
  • referrals of interested waterfront residents in your area

    If you have questions or would like to request a Homesite Assessor Training Workshop, please click Contact Us in the main menu and get in touch with your regional Living by Water Project office.

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