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Shoreline Ambassador Program

    For Individuals and Families....

    If you're interested in caring for shorelines.... Become a Shoreline Ambassador and receive a Shoreline Ambassador Certificate! The Living by Water Project wants to designate 200,000 Canadians as Shoreline Ambassadors through our Shoreline Action Challenge

    This is a cross-Canada effort to engage Canadians in taking action to restore and protect shorelines. Two checklists outline simple actions that you can carry out in your home, along the shoreline, and on the water. Submit a checklist and you'll receive a Shoreline Ambassador Certificate acknowledging your commitment. Encourage your friends, neighbours and other community members and groups to follow your lead. Your actions do make a difference!

    If you know of groups that might be interested in working with the Shoreline Ambassador Program (such as Girl Guides, Scouts, or a conservation group), be sure to let them know that we have materials, including our Shoreline Ambassador Program Manual available to help them.

    For Groups and Agencies...

    Do you need new ways to motivate people to participate in shoreline stewardship activities? Would you like help in honouring individuals, groups and businesses that are actively committed to improving and protecting the health of shorelines? Organizations, community groups, agencies, service clubs and informal groups of volunteers who share a vision for healthy, natural shorelines are invited to participate in the Shoreline Ambassador Program.

    The purpose of the Shoreline Ambassador Program is to:

    • Provide tools and techniques to assist groups working to protect, restore and promote the value of natural, healthy shorelines.

    • Aid groups and organizations in motivating people to take action.

    • Help educate and raise awareness in children and youth.

    • Acknowledge and reward actions or commitments made to benefit Canada's shorelines.

    • Provide information concerning the amount of both publicly and privately owned shoreline protected, conserved or restored.

    • The program provides a range of rewards and other materials for you to give to community members who have expressed interest or demonstrated a commitment to keeping our shorelines healthy. Rewards include Shoreline Ambassador Certificates, "caring for shorelines" decals, and fridge magnets. We also have a variety of supplementary materials available including: "My Shoreline Credo", "ribbon of life" bookmark, educational brochures, children's activity and quiz sheet, and Shoreline Action Checklists.

      You are invited to distribute these materials during your various events and activities. Whether you are expecting 5 or 5,000 participants, we can provide you with the information and materials you need. For a complete list and description of materials, check out our order form (publications).

      A major component of the Shoreline Ambassador Program is the Shoreline Action Challenge which provides a quick and easy way for people to make a commitment to protect and restore shorelines. Informative tips and specific actions are outlined in two checklists available online and also as printed brochures for you to use and distribute. "I want clean water" is for all Canadians; "I want to protect my shoreline property" is for shoreline residents in particular. Suggested actions range from cleaning up garbage along shorelines to letting shorelines stay natural. Our goal is to designate 200,000 Shoreline Ambassadors, and protect and restore 3,000 km of natural shorelines, by 2005. People who submit a checklist will receive a Shoreline Ambassador Certificate in recognition of their commitment.

      Who is Using the Program?

      A variety of groups have found that the Shoreline Ambassador Program has been a useful complement to their operations. Organizations using the Shoreline Ambassador Program include: community groups, watershed groups, First Nations, school and youth groups, Scouts Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, Shore Keepers, the Vancouver Aquarium, naturalist clubs, and conservation and environmental organizations.

      For Groups Already Using the Shoreline Ambassador Program

      Let us know how you are using the program by sending us an e-mail, or posting information about your event or activity through our News and Events section on the main menu.

      Want More Information?

      The Shoreline Ambassador Manual (publications) is available to assist you in adapting the Shoreline Ambassador Program to best meet your group's needs. It provides more detailed information on the products and materials offered, guides you in applying the various rewards and incentives, and provides you with many ideas and tips on how your group or organization can benefit from the program.

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