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Guiding Principles
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While developing and implementing The Living by Water Project, we will...

ensure services & products are appropriate for as many members as possible of our target audience, regardless of tenure status, income level, gender, or linguistic proficiency.

honour waterfront residents, listen to their stories and wisdom, take the perspective that they want to "do it right" (shoreline stewardship), and work to obtain and integrate their input whenever possible.

understand our audience and service their needs in the spirit of our mission and goals.

be positive and impartial, rather than partisan & finger pointing.

present choices, and avoid preaching.

be customer-driven rather than project or product-driven

respond to customers' needs for relevant information, rather than showing off what we know.

where possible, be in service to all groups, in the spirit of cooperation.

avoid reinventing the wheel by applying what we learn from other sources

involve a broad spectrum of partners and sponsors in order to be cost effective and efficient.

recognize contributions of sponsors and volunteers, and those who make conservation pledges.

become self-sustaining as soon as possible.

maintain high ethical standards and use soft sell approach.

ensure services and products meet high standards of quality and value.

remain on the leading edge of shoreline stewardship practices.

take whole ecosystem approach, addressing stewardship of organisms from the micro to the macro.

remain flexible to respond to appropriate opportunities.

share information about project, inside & outside Canada.


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