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Background on The Living by Water Project

Lead Organizations

Co-Founders & Co-Authors

The Living by Water Team

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Background on The Living by Water Project

The Living by Water Project is dedicated to all life occupying waterfront lands and living within -- and on -- the waters of Canada's rivers, streams, canals, lakes, ponds, wetlands, reservoirs, freshwater and marine estuaries, and marine shorelands.

Our goal is to facilitate cooperation and partnership among existing groups and organizations involved with waterfront residents and/or waterfront and shoreline issues such as: ratepayer and cottage owner associations, stewardship and conservation groups, fisheries agencies, First Nations groups, etc.

The Living by Water Project:

-- Is an action-oriented, strategically planned campaign and conservation pledge program to protect, enhance and restore shorelines.

-- Targets individual waterfront residents and interested groups across Canada.

-- Markets an environment-friendly and wildlife habitat-friendly waterfront lifestyle.

-- Offers a variety of services and products and a comprehensive public service announcement program.

Lead Organizations

The Living by Water Project is a partnership project involving regional lead partners across the country.

British Columbia and Southern Yukon - The Federation of B.C. Naturalists

Alberta and Southern NWT - The Federation of Alberta Naturalists

Saskatchewan and Manitoba - Nature Saskatchewan

Ontario - Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation - (Cliff Craig)  LandOwner Resource Centre

Quebec - Watch this space for our new Quebec partners!

Atlantic Canada - Clean Annapolis River Project (interim)

The Federation of BC Naturalists

The Federation of British Columbia Naturalists is lead organization for the project in B.C. Founded in 1969, the Federation’s goal is "to know nature and to keep it worth knowing".

The Federation is comprised of 58 federated and affiliated member clubs throughout the province, has over 5,300 members, and publishes The BC Naturalist four times a year, with a circulation of 6,000. Through its initiative, Land for Nature, it is carrying out stewardship education and resident contact programs in a variety of areas.

With member groups located in communities throughout the province, the Federation is ideally suited to coordinate a province wide program which depends on local workshops for its implementation.

The Federation became involved in the Living by Water Project in 1997, when it was approached by co-founders Sarah Kipp and Clive Callaway.

Co-Founders & Co-Authors

Sarah Kipp and Clive Callaway are waterfront residents themselves, and have learned "hands-on" about some of the challenges of living by water, from septic systems to wells, from living with wildlife to flooding and erosion. They have been involved in developing a lake stewardship group for Gardom Lake in the BC interior. They are also land use consultants and have a background in planning and education.

The Living by Water Team

Laurisa Gallant

Growing up in the city, and now living on a lake, Laurisa can appreciate what "Living by Water" is all about. Her volunteer work with outdoor youth groups has truly made her appreciate nature and its beauty.

Natalie Affolter

Natalie grew up on the banks of the lower Shuswap River and spent several years getting to know the ocean through the beaches and rocks of Vancouver Island. Her educational background is in geography and environmental studies; Natalie is also involved in local community watershed initiatives.

Simone Palmer

Simone grew up in the Salmon Arm area and is a frequent visitor to this area’s shorelines. Simone has a degree in Women’s Studies and History and has worked for several non-profit community based organizations.



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