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Services, Products & Initiatives for Individuals and Groups

Want to protect your shoreline and your water quality?

We now offer a number of programs, products and services to help you improve the health of your shoreline while protecting the value of your property.

Get the information you need to help solve your shoreline problems!

Keep an eye out for the release of this useful guide for waterfront residents! On the Living Edge: Your Handbook for Waterfront Living is filled with information and tips on topics ranging from construction projects and septic systems, to boating and docks. This handbook will be regionally adapted, so contact your Regional Living by Water Co-ordinator for more information.

Need Financial Assistance to Make Shoreline Improvements?

VanCity Savings and Credit Union has launched the Living by Water Loan Program for eligible waterfront residents in BC. You and your shoreline will benefit from this program which includes a low-fee homesite assessment and a loan interest rebate for shoreline improvements for your waterfront property. To learn more, call (604) 877-7000, toll free at 1-888-VanCity, visit your local VanCity branch or check out

Book a Homesite Assessment

Whether you live by a creek, pond, river, lake or ocean, a Homesite Assessment can benefit you! Learn how to help protect your property value and your water quality. During the 1 to 1 ˝ hour personal visit, a trained Homesite Assessor from your region will work with you to identify what actions you can take to help keep your shoreline healthy. Even the smallest changes in your home and your yard can make a big difference to your waterfront and water quality! For more information or to book an assessment, contact the National Project office at [email protected]

Check Out Our Selection of Products, Services and Programs.

Now Available!

Shoreline Residents’ Shoreline Action Checklist - Find out what actions you can take to protect your shoreline, save time and money, and safeguard the value of your investment.

The Green Guest Guide. (PDF format) Find out what actions you or your guests can take when vacationing at the lake, seashore or any other shoreline.

Importance of Shorelands (PDF). This two page  information sheet details how we all can benefit from healthy, natural shorelines.

Invasive Plants - links to information on invasive plants and how to deal with them.

Shoreline Notes (PDF) - Specially designed for the residents of Christina Lake, this publication will also be of use to other lake residents. Includes tips for naturalizing your shoreline, softening a hardened shoreline, septic maintenance, and green boating.

Shoreline Talk - Check out these regional newsletters for monthly shoreline events occurring in your region!

My Shoreline Credo (PDF format) (for Adults) and My Shoreline Promise (PDF format) (for Children) - Easy and fun ways to find out what you can do to help protect and restore shorelines.

These are only a few of our many available products! Download our Order Form to see a complete list.

To order these products or for more information, contact The Living by Water Project office at (250) 832-7405 or at [email protected].

Specialized Products, Services and Initiatives for Groups

Workshop In-A-Box Program Manual

The Living by Water Workshop In-A-Box manual has been completed. This manual assists community groups in planning and facilitating hands-on workshops which they can offer to local waterfront residents, emphasizing simple tips for "easy waterfront living". Tips include time and money saving ideas to benefit waterfront residents and help protect the shoreline and water quality at the same time. Please contact us if you are interested in piloting The Living by Water Workshop in your community.

Homesite Assessment Program Manual

A Homesite Assessment manual guides community groups in carrying out homesite visits to waterfront residences. During a homesite visit, residents are given simple tips for making changes to their property that will benefit them (protecting their health, saving money) and at the same time benefit water quality and wildlife habitat. Please contact us if you are interested in piloting Homesite Assessments in your community.

Shoreline Ambassador© Program Manual

The Shoreline Ambassador© Program offers groups and organizations the unique opportunity of sharing the resources of The Living by Water Project in rewarding the achievements of individuals of all ages, waterfront residents, and shoreline businesses who have demonstrated and/or expressed interest and commitment in keeping shorelines healthy.

Scope of the Program

The Shoreline Ambassador© Program focusses on actions affecting the shorelines of ALL bodies of water: marine, estuarine and freshwater (including lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, wetlands, reservoirs and canals). Everyone everywhere can have an impact on our shorelines! This makes the Shoreline Ambassador© Program an inclusive initiative, raising awareness and inspiring action on a Canada-wide scale right down to your own backyard or neighbourhood. Click here for detailed information.

Shoreline Celebration and Restoration Month

September 2000 & 2001

Here is a chance for your group to encourage public awareness and participation in protecting Canada’s shorelines by initiating fun and informative events and activities. Celebrate our connection to waterways - creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, estuaries, and oceans- plan or host a millennium event. Click here for further information.

Shoreline Celebration and Restoration Event Planning Manual

This manual which aims to help groups plan shoreline related events is currently under development.

Conservation Marketing

Download (PDF format) an abridged version of the The Living by Water Project’s paper on Conservation Marketing Tools and Techniques.

Shoreline Talk Newsletter

Shoreline Talk is at your service! We’re here to help promote your shoreline events and activities and to act as a networking tool for your organization. If you have a shoreline event or activity that you would like to share, let us know....we might be able to publish it an upcoming issue! Contact us at [email protected].


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