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The purpose of the Shoreline Ambassador Program is to: Provide tools for community stewardship and conservation groups, organizations, and agencies that help their efforts to protect, conserve, restore, or promote the values of natural shorelines ... and motivate people to take action!   Help educate and raise awareness in young children on the value of healthy shorelines.  Reward or acknowledge people's action(s) and/or pledge(s) which contribute to healthy natural shorelines.  Provide baseline information for monitoring and evaluating pledges made and/or the amount of (public and private) shoreline property protected, conserved or restored.

Organizations, community groups, agencies, service clubs and informal groups of volunteers who share our vision for healthy natural shorelines are welcome to make use of the Shoreline Ambassador Program. Shoreline Ambassador rewards can be issued to thank volunteers, participants at events, or other individuals who have made a contribution towards the protection, conservation or restoration of a shoreline.

Rewards include Junior and Millennium Shoreline Ambassador decals, fridge magnets and
certificates. Supplementary materials include shoreline credos, bookmarks, educational
brochures, activity sheets for children and special Ribbon of Life pins.

The program is divided into three sub-programs: Informal, Formal and Promotional.

The Informal Program provides the Junior Shoreline Ambassador  and General Shoreline Ambassador rewards. These rewards can be issued by any group, agency or organization.

The Shoreline Ambassador Certificate can be issued under the Formal Program; you will be required to enter into an official agreement with The Living by Water Project.

Our Honorary Shoreline Ambassador Certificate is a highlight of the Shoreline Ambassador Promotional Program. These certificates are issued solely by The Living by Water Project Office. We welcome your nominations!

A Shoreline Ambassador Program Manual is available to guide in the application of
various rewards and incentives. It provides ideas and tips on how groups and organizations can benefit from the program.

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