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Information is provided on this website as a convenience and general guide only. Individuals or groups initiating any activities or making decisions affecting safety, health or finances related to such information are responsible for obtaining all necessary professional advice, permits and approvals. Activities and decisions include, but are not limited to shoreline restoration, engineering, erosion control, on-site sewage disposal, water treatment, water quality testing, landscaping, tree assessment, construction or property purchase or sale. The Living by Water Project and its partners, agents and contractors cannot be held responsible for any decisions made or activities carried based on information found on this site.

References to external links, including publications, videos, web links, and contacts to other groups and agencies are provided as a convenience only. This also applies to postings regarding news and events organized by other groups and agencies. The inclusion of this information in no way implies that the Living by Water Project endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of these publications, web sites or activities of other groups or agencies.

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The Living by Water Project materials published on this website may be reproduced in part or in whole, without charge and without further permission and provided the purpose is for non-commercial personal or public use, except as noted below, and in all cases provided that The Living by Water Project is credited.

Reproduction of the Shoreline Ambassador© Certificate is not permitted except when officially issued through our on-line system.
Reproduction of the “Let's Enjoy/Let's Talk graphic image is only with specific written permission obtained from The Living by Water Project National Office.

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Groups and individual shoreline residents are reminded to always take great care when working around shorelines, and to conduct regular safety and maintenance checks of footpaths down embankments and of structures like stairs and docks. If there is any doubt about personal safety, or concerns about property stability, contact a professional.




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The information contained in this website has been adapted from On the Living Edge: Your Handbook for Waterfront Living. Sarah Kipp, lead author & Clive Callaway,
co-author – ON ed.

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