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Welcome to the National page for the Living by Water Project website. While most of our current effort is spent supporting shoreline residents and groups with the information and services you need, we are always on the lookout for new ideas to help raise the profile of shoreline awareness across Canada, and new ways of working with nationally based groups.


The following section highlights some of the ideas and initiatives simmering away in the national office. If you are interested in more information, or have ideas or contacts that you'd like us to know about, please contact us. Some of these initiatives are in their very early stages of development. We welcome partnerships to help speed their gestation.

Developing partners in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. There is tremendous interest in the Living by Water Project amongst groups in both Quebec and Atlantic Canada; while some materials have already been produced for these two regions, we anticipate much greater activity during 2002. Please contact us if you know of a group which might be interested in becoming involved with the project.

Developing partnerships with national organizations. We are excited to be working nationally with both Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada. Our materials have been used in hands-on learning programs by individual Guide and Scout groups. Our Shoreline Action Challenge was taken up by many Scouts during the Summer 2000 Jamboree in PEI.

Exploring new ways to link science and arts. During 2000, we hosted a National poster competition for young people, and commissioned Precipice Theatre Society (Contact Us) of Banff, Alberta to create Splash and Ripple, a family-oriented musical comedy about the impact humans often have on shorelines. We were so excited with the results of both initiatives, and the positive feedback we received from numerous groups and individuals, that we are now exploring additional ways of using the arts to help raise shoreline awareness. Our Shoreline Event and Activity Manual highlights some of these ideas, as well as providing examples of successful events and activities that a variety of groups and organizations have introduced to their communities.

Ribbon of Life Endowment Program. We are exploring ways of developing a legacy fund for shoreline restoration and protection work.

Sustainable Shorelines Initiative. This idea has been well received by many community groups and government agencies alike. The purpose of the initiative is the development of Sustainable Shoreline Kits which will include tools and techniques for community visioning and creating sustainable shorelines, case studies and resources.

Ribbon of Life Children's Program. Through this program we are developing learning tools and supplementary materials specific to shorelines for children from K -12. The focus is on recognizing and celebrating the values of shorelines, and hands-on activities. The concept includes special adaptations for other youth-oriented programs (such as Guides and Scouts).

Shoreline Awards Program. This initiative is under development, and will complement the Shoreline Ambassador Program. Our intent is to acknowledge and reward community efforts towards shoreline protection and restoration. We hope to develop our Shoreline Awards Program in partnership with businesses and communities, working together to make a difference in caring for local shorelines. We welcome ideas and energy to help this program get fully launched.

We would like to thank the following national sponsors for their generous support:

  • Cal-Eco Consultants Ltd.

  • Canada Millennium Partnership Program

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

  • Ducks Unlimited Canada

  • Environment Canada

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  • The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

  • North American Wetlands Conservation Council

  • Rivers and Lakes Foundation of Canada

  • Stephen Gates (Grey Owl Nature Trust)

  • Wildlife Habitat Canada

For a complete list of national and regional sponsors click here.

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