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Valuing shorelines in their natural condition, acknowledging that they are among the most productive ecological zones on earth, and being aware that shorelines are home to many of our species at risk for some part of their lives, I affirm my personal responsibility and commitment to:

  • help protect or restore shorelines in their natural condition
  • continue to learn more about shorelines and their importance to all of us and to wildlife
  • share with others what I know about shorelines
  • enjoy shorelines for their natural wild beauty
  • promote the significance of natural shorelines to my health and to the health of land and water based wildlife from the microscopic to the large
  • understand the cultural and historic roles of shorelines
  • express a sense of caring for shorelines and remain aware of what is happening to them
  • visit shorelines from time to time to restore my spirit and to remind myself of why I care about them

Produced by The Living by Water Project as part of a Millennium initiative for everyone who cares about protecting and restoring marine, estuarine or freshwater shorelines

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