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"I want to protect my shoreline property" Shoreline Action Checklist
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Join the Living by Water Project in helping to protect, conserve and restore Canada’s shorelines. Learn about simple every day actions you can take to keep your favourite shorelines healthy. It’s easy and it’s fun! Simply download the My Shoreline Credo for youth and adults or the My Shoreline Promise for children. Feel free to photocopy and distribute these forms to friends or family, or hand them out at shoreline related events.

Volunteer to make a commitment that will make a difference along your shoreline by filling out our Shoreline Conservation Pledge form. To take the pledge, just check off the actions you’d like to commit to in each category. Submit your form to us and you will be eligible to receive a Shoreline Ambassador Certificate for your efforts!

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To obtain the benefits of a natural shoreline, I will:

re-establish/preserve a buffer strip of native vegetation (aim for 80% natural, 20% for recreation).

protect existing native vegetation along the shoreline when building or developing my land.

plant native shrubs/trees in areas damaged or altered along the shoreline.

allow natural "clutter" like logs and other debris to remain along my shoreline.

soften my hardened shoreline by planting native shrubs, and letting some debris accumulate.

let imported sand beaches gradually erode away without replacing the sand.

reduce my boat’s speed to reduce wave damage to shorelines.

To prevent introduction of invasive species, I will:

learn to identify invasive species.

prevent seedheads on invasive species from forming and remove as much as is feasible.

To help protect the quality of my water, I will

make sure that runoff from my property, as well as upstream, is "cleaned" before reaching the water, by using vegetation and settling pools to keep dirty water away from surface water.

maintain my shoreline with native vegetation, and consult with experts if necessary, to minimize shoreline erosion.

dispose of fuels, antifreeze, paint thinner or other chemicals at established depots.

follow "green boater tips" including refuelling on shore or at a marine, using two bilge cloths or pillows at all times if I have an inboard engine, minimizing use of anti-foulants, and following appropriate disposal practices for grey and black water.

refuel on shore or at a marina

use only phosphate-free soaps and alternative cleaners in my home.

use alternative pest controls inside and outside the house, to avoid the use of pesticides near the water.

sweep my driveway instead of washing it down with water.

keep pets and domestic livestock away from surface water

To conserve water, I will:

install low-flow showerheads and low-flush toilets.

wash only full loads of laundry and dishes.

FOR THOSE WITH SEPTIC SYSTEMS: To maintain my septic system, I will:

have my septic tank pumped out regularly - every (1-5) years.

inspect my septic yearly, or have it inspected by a septic contractor

upgrade my sewage disposal system. (Check with your local Environmental Health Officer first.)

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE VISITORS AND GUESTS: To raise their awareness, I will:

provide my guests with a ‘Green Guest Guide’ 


follow Best Management Practices for my hobby farm or woodlot

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