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My Shoreline Promise

Shorelines are places where the land and water meet. They provide food and homes for many plants, animals and other creatures. Shorelines are also beautiful and fun places to spend time! These are some of the reasons why I want to help protect them and keep them healthy.

I promise that I will continue to LEARN more about:

  • why shorelines are important to me and to the plants and animals that live there.
  • what actions are harmful to shorelines.
  • what I can do to help keep shorelines healthy and full of life.

I promise that I will also:

  • SHARE with others what I have learned and know about shorelines.
  • CLEAN UP garbage and litter from the shoreline when my parents or guardians say it is safe.
  • ENJOY the beauty of shorelines with my friends and family!

Produced by The Living by Water Project as part of a Millennium initiative for everyone who cares about protecting and restoring marine, estuarine or freshwater shorelines

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Conservation Pledge Form


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